Rethink Robotics launches Baxter 2.0 software

Baxter 2.0 software updateRethink Robotics today announced a game-changing update to the software of the company’s flagship interactive production robot, Baxter. The 2.0 software will introduce a new set of applications, making Baxter an even more effective productivity tool for American manufacturers. Existing customers will be able to easily download the new software and upgrade their Baxter robot.

  • Baxter is now able to pick and place parts at any axis
  • The robot can be taught where to move its arms in and out of a machine
  • Baxter can hold its arms in space for a predetermined amount of time, or until a signal indicates they can begin moving again
  • Baxter can now operate at a significantly faster pace, pick and place objects with increased consistency and move more fluidly between points

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